Our Story

MOKA is proudly celebrating 39 years of manufacturing children’s clothing and accessories in downtown Toronto. Since we strive to maintain a level of excellence and attention to detail, our production team carefully supervises the product’s development from start to finish. 

Awww... this picture was taken when I wasn’t even born!

Hi there! My name is Nicole, daughter of the Moka's founder, Zalia Ribau. In this picute, there's my brother Paco on the scooter, my cousins Peter and Andre at the edges and friend of the family, George, who's holding the scooter. These four terrors, terrorized my poor mom. They would constantly play and chase each other, till the point of breaking my mother’s 1.5 meter long fish tank on the wooden floor.


This photo shoot was quite special to my childhood, as my mom would always refer it to the four terrors because of that day they had to pay their duty by modelling for her, as a punishment for the lost fish tank. Not bad for a punishment, can’t you tell??? These boys now, are married with beautiful kids who are, today, Moka’s little models.

How I love to reminisce!